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Ep. 4 – Harriet the Spy w/ John Purcell

Comedy triple threat, John Purcell, joins Calvin and Caitlin to break down Nickelodeon’s first movie: “Harriet the Spy”. Hear all about John’s spy days in Ireland, Rosie O’Donnell as 90’s Mary Poppins, and the plight of the boy with purple socks.

Ep. 3 – Babe w/ Nicole Silverberg

The very smart and very funny Nicole Silverberg brings back a movie that stole our hearts: “Babe”. Listen in as Calvin, Caitlin, and Nicole discuss a bizarrely meddlesome duck, the evils of dog bullying, and the life-saving properties of the Irish jig.

Ep. 2 – Angels in the outfield w/ Maritza Montañez

We continue on the journey of revisiting movies of the past with America’s sweetheart, Maritza Montañez. Her movie of choice? Disney’s classic “Angels in the Outfield” They will explore Danny Glover’s rage, angel massages, and J.P. – possibly one of the most endearing characters ever.

Ep. 1 – Neverending Story w/ Jeremy Bent

Welcome to the premiere of Cinestalgia! Calvin and Caitlin welcome the charming and hilarious Jeremy Bent to dissect his pick, “The Neverending Story”. They’ll discuss Jeremy’s love of the theme song, horse suicide, and how dope luck dragons are.